What makes us unique?
: our ability to listen to what the clients want and to actually be able to produce it

Our approach to sales?
: due to none of us being on commission based salaries as much of the larger companies are there is NEVER any hard sell and this makes our clients feel at lot more relaxed all the way through the process

Price and perception ?
: Due to the fact that we offer a massive range of fabrics and leathers we can always find a material that will fit with most budgets and you can take it from us that just because a fabric is expensive it’s does not always mean it will be suitable

DEN as a brand ?
As a brand we are now 10 years and we’ve learnt a lot over this time mainly being that price although is important, it’s not in our existing clients top 3 requirements, those being ; Service – quality and above the very personal approach that we take to each and every individual client. As we very rarely advertise we believe invest in your clients and they will invest in you!

Contract vs Domestic?
As we service both sectors of the industry we feel that this is a massive bonus to our company as in one hand domestic keeps us very on trend with design and on the contract side this keeps our quality of product very high due to the high volume of usage – basically we build all our furniture to a contract grade.



Welcome to Den Living, a world where beautifully shaped and finely crafted pieces of furniture are waiting to meet you. At Den we are passionate about creating pieces that are individually crafted and designed to meet the needs of our clients within a relaxed approach to satisfying, sensual home-making.

We love fabric and scour the country for the most beautiful colours, textures and patterns that we can find to include within our own showroom collections.

To make your living space truly your own, Den’s Creative Interior Designer Paula can work with you choosing textiles, fabrics & furnishing styles, making your “living” dreams become a reality.

Come and visit the Den team at our showroom in Bury, and if you have any immediate questions don’t hesitate to drop us an email.

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